Hear us!

A call to Ukrainian Authorities!

We call to You to hear us! Allow for our activity and development. Enable realization of the plans of your citizens! The parishers of st. Anthony’s and everyone that comes to the Sanctuary asks for the return of the Parish House. Do not take away our possibility to organize meetings for children and youth.

In the short film people are asking, even children are asking and laying down their hopes and all their children’s wishes to gain the possibility to meet in their groups in the Parish House at the st. Anthony’s Sanctuary. Our goal is to organize a safe haven for everyone. To create a lovely place so desired by all the parish communities and for every person that needs it. We address You! We address the mayor of the city and the city hall of Lviv. We address the highest authorities of Ukraine. Do not take away our base for living. Please have a rational approach to what our city is rich in. Represent the interest of every citizen that chose you as well as show to those that did not vote for you that your actions are targeted for the wellbeing of all. A bottom-up movement was organized, called “Hear us!” http://sanktuarium-antoni.lviv.ua/hear-us 

We need a place to meet like air, because everyone wants to come here and everyone in Lviv knows about the Sanctuary of St. Anthony’s in Lychakivska st. Not just that. People come from abroad to pray in here and ask for miracles. So can by the grace of the local authorities happen this only one miracle for the citizens of Lviv.

Please do not remain ambivalent towards the needs of your own citizens! Before all – the children and youth that need a chance for a better tomorrow and have their own ambitions and life goals.

We do not know any other way that to seek Your support for you are the representants of our causes. Varied in nationality – Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians – we all are citizens of Ukraine. Being the citizens of one country, we all have equal rights, guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine, which You as the authority enact in the process of representing our interest.

Once again, we do ask for the enacting of the duties that were entrusted to You by the citizens – to care for our common good.  We thus appeal to return the Parish House of Sanctuary of St. Anthony’s.

The Parish of St. Anthony’s are: 300 families, 19 parish communities, aout 200 children regularly attending the catechesis, over 1000 of parishers.

We appeal to the authorities – Hear us!